“I aim to support children with their communication development in a positive and enjoyable way which is entirely play based learning.”

My Child Speech Pathology

Jane has had thirteen years of experience as a Paediatric Speech Pathologist, supporting children of all ages with their communication development.

“I have worked in a range of Paediatric settings throughout regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. My special interest in this field is working with preschool and school aged children with their speech and language development.”

What is Speech Pathology?

The ability to understand a range of concepts and ideas, the ability to follow instructions and directions.
The ability to use a range of words, to join words to form phrases and sentences and use grammatical structures.
The ability to form the sounds within words and be understood.
The awareness of sounds within words (including rhyme) which is a precursor skill to literacy development.
The ability to use language to interact with the people around you.
The ability to use speech fluently.
Use of an alternative communication mode other than speech (e.g. signing, picture communication), used to support communication while speech is developing.
Use of a clear voice with normal resonance that can be sustained for the day.