Hi, I'm Jane. I'm a speech pathologist based in Ballarat’s CBD working exclusively with children. I am dedicated to assisting children develop their speech, language, communication and literacy skills. 

I want all children to wholly participate in family, social and educational life; to feel comfortable in each setting and connected with their community.

I’m an experienced paediatric speech pathologist and also a qualified primary school teacher. Most recently, I have worked in a primary school, supporting children to develop the ‘building blocks’ they need to experience success in communication and literacy.

I live in Ballarat with my family. I love and appreciate all that Ballarat and its lifestyle has to offer. On the weekend you will often find me spending time outside, enjoying Ballarat’s beautiful gardens and walking Lake Wendouree.

Jane Crook - Paediatric Speech Pathologist
BSpPath, GradDipEdu(Primary)

Services offered

My services are to children and families who may have experienced any of the following:

A delay in language development

Having trouble understanding concepts and instructions or producing a range of words and grammatically correct phrases or sentences.

Articulation difficulties

Having difficulty making certain speech sounds and/or being understood by others.


Where a child's speech is interrupted by repetition, elongation and/or blocking of sounds and words impacting on their fluency.

Literacy difficulties

Where a child’s reading and/or writing skills are developing at slower than expected rate.

Social language difficulties

When a child has challenges using language and nonverbal communication appropriately, with others.

My approach

Each child is an individual, yet part of a family which is integral to their development, support and personal growth. With this in mind, I work with children using a ‘family centred practice’ approach.


Taking the first step

I’m often asked if a child’s communication development is ‘just maturity’ or if they might need some assistance to correct an area of concern. This question may come from a parent or guardian, a teacher or from another specialist.

Feel free to contact me to discuss if speech pathology may be helpful.

What to expect

During the initial visit, I will ask questions to find out more about the child and their family. I will ask questions to understand why you have chosen to see a speech pathologist, discuss any areas of concern and complete an assessment. My aim is to make these sessions as enjoyable and engaging as possible for children and they will often involve some kind of play.


The results from the assessment process (and information from other sources), are used to help determine if a child requires additional support, how we can support each child’s development and address areas identified.

Treatment plan

I work with families to create a treatment plan that considers the family situation to ensure the best outcomes for their child. This may include a series of therapy sessions with me and/or support for families to work with their children at home, as well as with teachers at kinder or school.


Referrals and initial contact

The children that I see may be referred by other allied health professionals, maternal and child health nurses, kinder and primary school teachers, general practitioners or paediatricians.

Families are welcome to self-refer and may wish to discuss with their general practitioner, whether the family may be eligible for a management plan that would include a Medicare rebate for some speech pathology sessions.

My Child Speech Pathology

Ballarat Business Centre
706 Sturt Street
Ballarat VIC, 3350

E: jane@mychildspeechpathology.com.au
P: 0431 483 431

Appointments can be made for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, during each school term.